Ditulis dengan kata-kata , tetapi tanpa suara dari penglipur lara , bukan untuk bersuka ria , tetapi sebagai salah satu cara , agar segala duka dan lara terbela . #HumairahYahya

07 November 2013

Come Back

It has been a long long time I'm not writing. It was not easy to put something that you like and love behind and make it invisible for a quite time, and I dont know why I'm here. LOL.

Actually I'm on my way searching something on Google and I saw a blog, so I decided to open it, but I need to sign in my Google account. So, that is the beginning why I'm here writing for.... nonsense things ...

Ohhh, I'm having a quiet quality semester break now, and 2 weeks from now I will enter the matric again and 5 month from now I will be grad. Pray for me.

LOL, @HumaYahya