Ditulis dengan kata-kata , tetapi tanpa suara dari penglipur lara , bukan untuk bersuka ria , tetapi sebagai salah satu cara , agar segala duka dan lara terbela . #HumairahYahya

30 October 2010

I hope our love will last forever

For the owner of this poet..i`m sorry

You are beautiful to me,
You are so beautiful to me,
like a princess on a white stallion,
i will watch over you,

During these moments that i mane with you,
like a dreaming child,
i`m so delighted,

Love is warm like a mom`s hug,
comfy like an easy sleep,
do you know?
it`s the reason why i met you,

Love is naive like a child,
and pure like an angle to me too,
it has come like this,

Love is something that you say
while looking in someone's eyes,
something you send to someone's heart,
i hope  we become like love too,

Love is childish like fairy tale,
but it still sweet like candy,
i hope our love will last forever,
i hope our love will last forever..

we have been together forever for long2 time before..
my promise to you,and your promise to me.
I will love you,forever of my heart..

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