Ditulis dengan kata-kata , tetapi tanpa suara dari penglipur lara , bukan untuk bersuka ria , tetapi sebagai salah satu cara , agar segala duka dan lara terbela . #HumairahYahya

27 February 2012

Do you love or do you like??

Love is when u care about someone more than you care about yourself..
love is when u still admire about someone even there is nothing special there..

like is when u care about someone because of their sweetness and apperance..
like is when u start complaining about someone just because they are doing something contrary from the first time you meet them..
do you love ??or do you like??
is your love really love you or they just like you??

sorce : BadiahLai

ps : Im sorry I dont have enough time to update my blog . I'm just appreciate a few days left with my kex sibling before our class end . sad enough  =_=
I'm reading sis nurulbadiah Lai blog and like one of her post , than I copied the statement that truly touch me , I want to update it as my Facebook status , but I think I want to remind the words and decided to copied it and paste on my blog.. peaceee . :)

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