Ditulis dengan kata-kata , tetapi tanpa suara dari penglipur lara , bukan untuk bersuka ria , tetapi sebagai salah satu cara , agar segala duka dan lara terbela . #HumairahYahya

03 April 2012

Blog Baru

Tajuk blog baru sebab Blog ni telah diubah suai design , and i 've deleted some selected post that I think it should not be read anymore :) . I have a new life and I'm happy with it .

I will try to update the latest things in my life in the blog , so that I can read it after this . I am to busy with my life , going out with friends , spending a little bit time with my Ron , learning how to cook and baked the cake and lots of things to do before enter the university . InsyaAllah .

choc cake *recipe from yunie :)

# I'm improving my english language:)

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